Give-Away Hand-Scrub: as seen on TV

Oakwood Aromatics gives away the recipe for the best ever manicure-in-a-jar. Made from ingredients you'll have in your kitchen, this will leave your hands feeling smooth, soft and better than after using the most expensive salon treatment. Give it a try, then give it to your friends. Have this one on us :)

Give-Away Handscrub!

Making Kirsties Handmade Handscrub with Kirstie Allsopp during filming at the Nidderdale Show.

Here we give you THE simplest recipe for the loveliest handscrub, in the hope that you will make a small donation to charity, make the handscrub, use the handscrub, love it so much you will make it and give it away to your friends and family.

With this in mind, we not only give you the recipe and instructions, but also, coming soon, some free printables for you to label up your jars for yourself and your recipients. Using the "paid forward" idea, we hope you would like to make a small donation to your chosen charity. Do tell us about it and why you chose it; we love to hear your stories!

If this recipe seems familiar....that's because you may have seen Kate make it on the telly with Kirstie Allsopp on Kirsties Handmade Britain. (Yes, she's LOVELY and just like she is on the telly!) 



Give-Away HandScrub Recipe

4 Tbs / 60ml granulated sugar

2 Tbs / 30ml olive oil

Pinch of dried herbs, flowers or spice such as cinnamon.

6 – 8 drops of citrusy essential oil

A little zest of lemon, orange or lime, plus a quarter of fruit for when using the scrub

Combine all the ingredients into a small bowl and fill a jar and label.

To use your handscrub, rub a heaped teaspoon of mixture into your hands, working around each finger and into the cuticles.

Then, rub over with the chunk of orange, lemon or lime to degrease before rinsing the mix off. Pat dry. The sugar exfoliates gently. The oil will dissolve dirt and moisturise at the same time. Your hands will now feel like they’ve had a manicure! Simple but very effective, especially on hard-working hands.