Manly Stanley: natural handmade shaving products for gentlemen

Using all-natural ingredients, Oakwood Aromatics make shaving products by hand for the most discerning gentlemen. Both our solid shaving soap and a creamy liquid shaving creme are fabulous for men all those men who have sensitive skin, who care about what goes on their bodies or just want to smell good.

Hippy Beard Oil Bar


Hippy Beard Oil Bar


Cocoa Butter and Sweet Almond oil solid bar melts on the hands and, when gently rubbed through your facial hair, nourishes your beard to a sheen. Smells spicy and dashing too with essential oils of Patchouli, Tea Tree and Clary Sage. 60g

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Ingredients, in english!

Cocoa butter and sweet almond oil.

Essential oils of patchouli, clary sage and tea tree.

Sensitisers naturally occurring in the essential oil: limonene, linalool and geraniol