Our Lovely Customers ... saying fabulous things about us

Here at Oakwood Aromatics, we are fully aware that without customers we don't have a business and we feel that we're blessed in having the best customers any business could possibly have. Here are some of the fabulous things that they said about us.

Our Lovely Customers...

...you've been talking about us!

We are very happily blessed with truly LOVELY customers. Many have been with us since we started in 2005! So here are some of the comments we've received:

The Sonnet of Oakwood     by Andrew W Turner
There's a village named West Tanfield in the scenic Yorkshire Dales, There you'll find a secret workshopwhere a sense of fun prevails,
Known as Oakwood Aromatics, it's amazing what they do, As they work their wondrous magic there within Bubble HQ!
Nasty chemicals, petroleum and preservatives are banned, Each item they produce is crafted lovingly by hand,
Those natural ingredients, worked by crafty Oome Elves, Make up awesome magic potions that fly off ye olde shelves!
By ensuring only wholesome, pure ingredients go in, Their products bring a healthy glow and lustre to your skin,
And it isn't just fair damsels whose appearance they can change, Red blooded men are cared for with their 'Manley Stanley' range!
From bath sherbets to lip balms, and conditioners to soap, There's a pure Oakwood creation that's designed to help you cope,
Their evocative aromas will transport you far away, And swiftly ease the tension of a long and stressful day.
Perhaps you have a loved one but you're short of gift ideas -Google 'Oakwood Aromatics' and, like magic, there appears
A website crammed with wholesomeness from which you can freely choose The perfect gift solution - you quite simply cannot loose!
There's Gingernuts, Limander, try some Oomilegs as well, Healing Hippy, Rosy Glow and that delicious Oooaaah smell,
Each lovingly perfected over tireless days and nights, A veritable, wondrous cornucopia of delights.
To essential oils and butters blended with such expertise Are added special extracts from exotic plants and trees,
To create their unique products that enrich so many lives , Of daughters, sons, and brothers, uncles, aunts, husbands and wives.
If you plan on getting married, then you're catered for indeed, Favours to bridesmaids' presents - they have everything you'll need,
And all coordinated in the colours you're desiring, You'll find what they can offer so exquisitely inspiring.
And should you wish to learn a little more of their technique, Kate offers 'Hands-On' courses in your home or your boutique,
Where you can bring your friends along and hone your own creations, In a memorable event to far exceed your expectations.
You'd expect such overt luxury to be harmful to your purse, To require a second mortgage, massive overdraft, or worse!
But fear not! Just take a look, and you will scarce believe your eyes, Their modesty of price provides a most welcome surprise!
So Phil and Kate are on that upward pathway to success, Supported by their soap elves, they're deserving nothing less!
With every purchase made you also bless a little elf, It's a Win-Win situation, so go on and spoil yourself!

After years battling with doctors and dermatologists and serious contact dermatitis on my hands, allergies to most creams and the prescription steroid creams been useless I spotted these guys at York, after speaking to Phil I thought I would try a little 'Healing Hippy' within minutes my hands felt soothed! So I bought some, the smell is an aquired taste but my hands are fixed (So I don't mind the smell)! Healing hippy is amazing!!!
I also recommend it to my collegues dad who has psoriasis, it's cleared up within days! AMAZING!!
And lovely polite people a pleasure to speak to! Once again thank you for inventing "magic cream" !!! Or the smelly one as my mum likes to say! I will be ordering more when I'm back from holiday!  Simone Jones, Sheffield

"My husband and I came to York for a weekend a couple of months ago and I happened across your stall at the Craft/Art Fair. Thank goodness I did. I just wanted to say that after years of problems with volatile skin your Healing Hippy Moisturiser has made the world of difference to my skin! After years of trying tons of different moisturisers I finally feel as though I've found the answer. I'm really grateful for your suggestion and I wish you all the best for the future because you're clearly very good at what you do!" Angela Tillett, Colchester

I wanted to tell you what a fantastic difference iHealing Hippy has made to my skin. I have suffered from unpredictable bouts of Acne Rosacea for the past 10 years or so and have tried every remedy without success. As a last resort I found antibiotics gave temporary relief but I wasn't happy using them too often and just accepted the need to slap on more make up! But at your stand at the Masham Sheep Fair Phil explained about the healing properties of Healing Hippy and my goodness he was right...I've not had a single spot since I started using your Healing Hippy Moisturiser in September (more than 2 months ago now) and even better my scars are disappearing. My skin feels delightfully smooth and the smell of the moisturiser is divine. I love the fact that the products are made locally from natural ingredients and I hope your business goes from strength to strength. - P Oates, Ripon

you truly are my saviour! I have been using Healing Hippy for a few weeks now since I saw you in town and can honestly say nothing has ever worked as well as this soap. For those of you who don’t know but I have terrible skin and constantly see new doctors and dermatologists for treatments, new pills or creams. This soap stood up to 28 hours non stop travelling on trains, planes, cars and tubes with very little sleep. Then it went up against sticky 30 degree c heat in monsoon season all before my friends wedding where, and I quote, my mum said even zoomed in on pictures my complexion was flawless! Outstanding work! I’m 100% in love with it.
— Elena MacDuff, York

I recently purchased one of your lotions 'Healing Hippy' at the fair in York and I'd just like to say a huge Thank You. Last weekend I was bitten by midges and had a really bad reaction to them, after using the lotion through out the day the swellings and itchiness went away. It's not completely gone but has made a significant difference to my skin (I bought 3 different creams from the pharmacy which didn't work at all).
As well as a great product the gentleman I spoke to was fantastic, he knew everything about all of the products, which is a key thing I look for especially with this kind of product and customer service skills were 100%. I will definitely be recommending your products to my friends and family around the Durham area.
R. Burnett

Thank you for the lemon melts – I love your stuff – shampoo bars – brilliant – got my husband using them now and  daughter loves the lip balm – the moisture melts are delicious. Well done in all you do.
M. Mapley, Aberdeen

I am so happy to have found you online :) I was at Masham Sheep Fair, and bought some of your wonderful products, which i have just used the last of. I  have dry skin, and hair, and sensitive to so many products but yours have been the best by a mile. It has taken me 65 years to find something perfect, thank you so much.
J. Roddam

During a recent visit to the city of York I visited your booth and purchased a bottle of your shaving "cream" ....Well, I think that's what it was called. Anyhow, I just wanted to compliment you on the product as I have never had a closer shave.
Geoff Andrews, New York, USA

I just wanted to say how impressed I was with your products and customer service at the York Craft Tent on this past Sunday. The lady at the stall was so lovely and explained all the products, scents and benefits of each product in great detail (although it did make it particularly hard to choose what to buy!) I was so impressed with your products that everyone on my Christmas list has got one of your products for Christmas! 
H. Tilley

Fantastic products. Very happy :) Glad to have met you both x 
D. Cole

You recommended the Healing Hippy soap to me at York Christmas fair stating that it was helpful for eczema. When I started using the soap and stopped using my normal Simple shower gel my eczema cleared up almost instantly and only when i ran out of the soap did it start to flare up again. So many thanks for that.
During a recent check up with my GP i told him of this and he asked if I could ask you if you have any information or leaflets on the Soap that he can advise other patients with, who suffer from dry skin conditions like myself. 
C. Hannington

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Thank you for putting a big silly smile on our faces!