Tour de Yorkshire

July 4th-6th, the greatest annual sporting event IN THE WORLD comes hurtling on bicycles through Oakwood Aromatics' home village of West Tanfield. We're putting on a show, including a fun fair, stalls, 3 days of music and a Hot Air Balloon Festival with 20 full-size giant hot air balloons. Come visit (but be prepared for queues) and we have an open workshop on all three days.

Tour de France....Tour de Yorkshire!

Since the immense success that was the Tour de France in Yorkshire 2014, we now have an enitrely new, UCI approved event in the cycling calender...the Tour de Yorkshire. It came right past our doors, here in West Tanfield, again, on Saturday 29th April! Lots of people joined us and bought lots of our special edition Oomesjambes soap. There was a big screen, hit air balloon, live music, Morris and clog dancing, ice cream, pancakes , draught prosecco, a beer and gin festival and LOTS of cheering and bunting! It'll no doubt be back again soon, as it's  a an annual race, albeit a varying route. To follow please check out this website

On Saturday 5th July 2014, the worlds largest annual sporting eventl rolled past our doors, here in West Tanfield. With one HUGE party, including a hot air balloon festival, food, drink and lots of live music....oh wait....and Royalty, West Tanfield was THE best, family-friendly place to come celebrate and experience the spectacle! Hope you had an amazing time and stocked up on your "Oomesjambes" soap (normally called know, for achey muscles) and waved the flag for Yorkshire!

Hot Air?

There was a Hot Air Balloon Festival as part of West Tanfield's Grand Depart celebrations featuring 20 Hot Air Balloons from the very best teams....and including this beauty from Disney, from the film "Up"!

Night glow of balloons, or baskets/burners,  to music, was INCREDIBLE!



For info and photos please see,  learn more about the tour and about our gorgeous village on our blog